How to choose a carpet for hallways and hallways

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Both the hallways and the corridors are very busy spaces and in general, with little light, which is why it turns out that when choosing rugs you should take into account their colors, since very dark tones reduce space already small, so try to choose them rather clear.


Entrance rugs

In the entrance carpets, take care that you gave the door no less than 0.90cm in order to prevent it from tripping over it and, in the corridors, leave a minimum of 5cm and no more than 15cm on the sides.

To the variety of colors and measures you must also add their diversity.

There are wool, silk, acrylic, cotton, natural fiber rugs etc. Depending on the number of knots they have, the method used to make them (by hand or machine), their origin, the material used (silks, wool from different animals: sheep, llamas, etc.) and the dye used to obtain them. colors of the different drawings will vary in price

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Iran rugs

Those of Iran, ancient Persia, pride themselves on being the most desired for their termination of small knots that repel dirt and, for their richness of drawings and colors. Their drawings are geometric since the Koran does not allow the representation of human figures, their prices are not suitable for all budgets.

Natural fiber rugs

Natural fibers are much more affordable and there are dyed in different colors and edged in endless possibilities such as combining them with upholstery. Along with their price, we must add that they can be cut to size, which will make the cost of it a little more expensive.


Kilim rugs

These Persian rugs are produced mainly by nomadic tribes and in addition to being a variety of fabrics, kilim is the name of the technique used to make them. These rugs do not have fringes.

The kilims, especially the Turks, have been getting closer and closer to the consumer and depending on where they come from, their colors and geometric patterns will vary, which in many cases represent the emblem of the families that weave them and are a very precious commodity as part of the trousseau of the young women.


They are usually brightly colored, the drawback is that they weigh very little, they tend to slip and even wrinkle, but they can be prevented from slipping if we put a non-slip base on them.

Hallway rugs

If the hallway is narrow, a rug is the ideal solution to give it prominence.

Chinese rugs

Chinas made with floral motifs and made with silk thread are very showy and also very expensive.


In Spain: The Royal Tapestry and Carpet Factory makes them with artisan methods, with bucolic drawings and on the other hand and with another style and finish we have those of Crevillent in an infinity of shapes and styles.

Investing in a good carpet can be a success, in addition to being cozy they last for many years, it is more some of them the older they become, the more beautiful they become.


Trick: In Istanbul, they taught us that to know the quality of a wool rug, we should scratch its top with a fingernail: if hair did come out, the rug was not of good quality.

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