Aries And Virgo Compatibility

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Aries and Virgo. Fire + Earth

The compatibility between Aries and Virgo is regular. Virgos are usually quite cold, practical and sometimes critical, which is a contrast for Aries who are fast, impetuous and impulsive.

While many Aries run around like there's no tomorrow, Virgo is also fast and dynamic, but on an intellectual level. In a Virgo-Aries combination, you both have a lot of energy, but you channel it in different ways. It could be said that it is not a combination for the faint-hearted and indeed, these two signs combine better for a friendship relationship long-term than for a stable relationship.

Virgo is an Earth sign, so it has feet on the ground and values ​​professional and material safety. Virgos don't like to leave anything to chance; They prefer to have everything planned, than to have the future explode in their face. To the Aries, on the other hand, love emotion and the unknown and are often pioneers.

There are quite a difference in style between the twoBut the two of you have things to offer each other if you are open enough and have enough interests to overcome barriers. Virgo can teach Aries a lot about the importance of order and planning; and you can learn from Aries how to move forward without fear, be more launched. Aries is an excellent motivator.

Aries is simple and straightforward, while Virgo is more complex, difficult to understand, and prone to overcomplicating things. To Virgos, the simplicity and ego of Aries may seem quite superficial, while Aries may question Virgos' tendency to make things harder than they are.

Both signs are workers, but also in a different way. Aries likes to get things done as quickly as possible, while Virgo has to go through all the details of a project and then develop a plan and execute it precisely. Hence, it would be better if they did not work together, because they would collide.

Both Virgo and Aries should work your sexual relationship, Since while Aries is motivated by wild passion, Virgo needs to connect on an intellectual level to get the most satisfaction from a physical relationship.

See Aries and sex and Virgo and sex.

The Aries most compatible with Virgo are those born between April 11 and 19; and the Virgos most compatible with Aries are those born between September 13 and 22.

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